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Power Assisted Exercise

The Therapy Centre comprises a gym equipped with power assisted exercise equipment.

Power assisted exercise equipment is designed specially to accommodate users with physical limitations who would find it extremely difficult/impossible to use conventional gyms.

There is extensive research to show that people who suffer from a wide range of conditions benefit from this exercise in terms of:

Power Assisted Exercise Equipment

We have 9 exercise machines each working different muscle groups. The machines allow the user to work with full resistance, minimum effort or completely passively. The machines can be adapted to accommodate different physical limitations.



The Multimaster incorporates Pilates based principles, into 6 different exercises for the chest, shoulders, abdomen, arms, upper back, buttocks, hips and waist. It offers stretching, toning and strengthening to help with the debilitating effects of many conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Arthritis.

Thera-vital bikes

We have 3 active-assisted static bikes which allow for exercising both arms and legs. These bikes are very simple to use and can be attached directly to wheelchairs allowing for those who can't transfer to benefit from them too. They give visual feedback on the screen to help users get the most out of their exercise session.