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Future Plans

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WBTC needs a level plot of development land, not less than 0.5 acres, on which to construct a community hydrotherapy pool building

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In the future it is hoped we will also open a Hydrotherapy pool, there is considerable synergy between these two therapies, with an especially great overlap between the types of user which will benefit from each. There will also be operational efficiencies to be gained by having the two under one roof: shared staff, changing facilities, etc.

Hydrotherapy is well known to benefit a wide range of conditions, notably:

While power-assisted exercise is less well researched than hydrotherapy there is a wealth of empirical evidence to suggest a strong overlap with the conditions benefitting from hydrotherapy. Additionally, power-assisted exercise is very important in improving the mobility of older people, especially when overweight. Indeed, West Berkshire Council is especially keen to promote health and fitness for its citizens and sponsors an initiative called 'Activity for Health', which comprises the running of activities for various groups at the Council's leisure centres. It is proving to be a great success and the Council is keen to explore a partnership to provide it access to this gym.

In researching the feasibility studies for both the hydrotherapy pool and the power-assisted exercise gym we visited many other similar facilities, held discussions with their managements and spoke to potential users. There will be many differing types of users: