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Our broad aim is to understand the currently unmet health and well-being needs of the local community and to identify opportunities where we, as part of the 'not-for-profit' sector, can fill some of those gaps and provide helpful, much needed, good quality services.

Our more immediate aim is to pull together, with the help of the local community, the resources needed to acquire enough land and to construct the building needed to provide the two main therapy services which the local community has asked us to provide. Initially, our facilities will house a community hydrotherapy pool and a specialist gym equipped with power-assisted machines. Everything will be designed for the benefit of people with disabilities, infirmities or other health and well-being needs.

We aim to ensure that taking therapy will be accessible, easy, enjoyable, affordable and beneficial, with customer satisfaction always our highest priority. We fully recognise the importance of employing and retaining skilled and friendly staff and volunteers. We are confident in our aim of securing a sustainable enterprise and enduring community asset.